Deepen customer loyalty with co-branded Visa cards

A co-branded card is a payment credential — such as a credit, debit or prepaid card — created in partnership with a company tied to driving consumer engagement and loyalty. Co-branded Visa cards enable our partners to build customer loyalty through strong card value propositions that incentivise their customers to pay with the card. With Visa co-branded cards, cardholders benefit from rewards on everyday purchases and access to a variety of benefits, sellers benefit from increased sales and customer loyalty, and issuers benefit from generated revenue.

Global expertise from an industry leader

With over four decades of experience supporting a diverse range of partners across industries, Visa is a one of the leaders in co-brands with over 700 programmes globally. Visa can help empower your card programme by supporting you through the entire co-brand journey, from gauging partner interest to successful launching and growing your programme.

Benefits to your business

Grow customer loyalty

Engage existing customers and acquire new loyalty members by delivering valuable assets and rewards to your most engaged customers.

Drive more sales

Incentivise cardholder spend and improve your bottom line through new revenue streams.

Deepen customer insights

Use Visa’s network to gain additional customer insights and understand spend patterns and preferences to deliver a more customised experience. 

Strengthen brand awareness

Leverage Visa’s global presence to strengthen your company brand. 

Benefits for your cardholders

Exciting incentives

A seller-focused card value proposition offers exciting incentives for co-brand cardholders.

  • Earn accelerated loyalty rewards (such as points, miles, cashback and more) for everyday purchases
  • Redeem points for discounts and experiences
  • Access to exclusive benefits such as personalized assets, special sales, cardholder events and more

How Visa can help

Visa will support your co-brand journey from end-to-end.

Partner identification and assessment

Product development

Launch support

Portfolio optimisation

Leverage Visa’s products and services

We offer a robust suite of products and services to help your co-brand programme thrive.

  • Marketing sponsorships and partnerships
  • Loyalty solutions
  • Consulting and analytics
  • Innovative payment capabilities for emerging industries
  • Risk and fraud services
  • Eco-friendly card solutions
  • And many more payment solutions to increase lifetime value for your cardholders


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