Why Visa Flexible Credential (VFC)?

Visa Flexible Credential is a physical or digital credential that lets customers make purchases in instalments anywhere Visa is accepted. The solution allows your customers to pay in instalments by leveraging their credential at checkout, just as they would with a credit or debit card. Also easy to implement, it allows for quick adoption at scale.

Ease of implementation

A lender-driven solution that enables widespread Day 1 acceptance by merchants.

Speed to market availability

Single-sided solution with minimal to no merchant uplift, allowing for faster go-to-market.

Ecosystem of partners

Access Visa’s partner network for out-of-the-box Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solutions.

Customer retention and acquisition

Obtain and retain customers with payment flexibility that fits within their budget.

Provide consumers with payment flexibility

Expand BNPL use cases throughout the consumer journey, giving them more payment options to help drive scale.

How Visa Flexible Credential works

Follow the simple journey from application to auto-drafted instalment.
Collage of three smartphone screens showing Virtual Card, how Installments works and payment details.
  1. Customer applies
    Customer sees the lender’s offer for a VFC credential payment option.
  2. Lender assesses
    Lender can then assess, approve and fund the VFC credential.
  3. Customer sets repayment
    Customer links card or account for repayment.
  4. Customer gets Virtual Card
    Customer can use credential to complete purchase.
  5. Customer makes purchase
    Customer’s transaction is authorised and cleared through VisaNet.
  6. Lender sets auto draft
    Lender auto drafts instalment at agreed frequency.

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How Visa Flexible Credential can help

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