Why Visa for your BNPL solutions?

Our portfolio of BNPL solutions can help you reach your growth goals and connect more with your customers.


Activate BNPL solutions you need at scale.

Acquisition and loyalty

Deliver a consistent customer experience and reach new customers.


Works with customers’ existing cards or new credential, backed by Visa’s trusted network.

Meet customer expectations

We deliver BNPL solutions that give your customers the flexibility to get the things they want now and pay for them over time.

BNPL powers growth

Adopting BNPL offerings is easy and helps you meet the growing demand for added payment flexibility and control.

Our portfolio of BNPL solutions helps enable businesses and financial institutions

We help drive efficiencies with a set of full service offerings across purchases, repayments and settlement flows.
3-step icon illustration shows Visa Installments cycle. See image description for details.
This three-step illustration uses iconography to show how the Visa Installments cycle works. The circular graphic represents the installments process with icons of a person and card to show the cardholder selecting Visa Installments as the payment option at checkout. Then, an arrow leads to icons of a bank and a laptop with a money symbol to illustrate a financial institution. Next, we see an arrow leading towards an icon of a building to represent a merchant’s business and the transaction being settled and money received. Lastly, the arrow continues back to the icon of a person and card to depict a continuous cycle.
  1. Cardholder uses Visa Installments Solutions (VIS) at checkout or Visa Flexible Credential (VFC) to make purchases in an agreed-upon payment schedule.
  2. Cardholder repays their instalment plans using their existing Visa card.
  3. Financial institution uses Visa rails for efficient B2B Settlement with Merchants.

We are supporting all sides of the ecosystem and enabling them to offer instalments in a seamless way – before, during and after the purchasing experience.

Arvind Ronta, Global Head of Installments

Our growing portfolio of BNPL solutions

Learn how BNPL payment options can help you with your business goals and priorities.

Provide payment flexibility with Visa Installments Solutions

Using the trusted Visa network, Installment Solutions help drive growth for our partners and clients through a set of APIs, or on existing standards such as ISO.

Visa Flexible Credential works anywhere Visa is accepted

Visa Flexible Credential helps financial institutions develop BNPL credentials that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted without merchant integration.

Drive operational excellence between partners with B2B Settlement

B2B Settlement helps unite partners by leveraging Visa’s existing network capabilities.


How BNPL can help

Let’s discuss how adopting Visa BNPL payment options can help drive your business goals.